Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I send a payment? 

How can I pay my HOA dues?
You can pay by check, cashier’s check, money order, or cash but we cannot give change.  You can set up bill pay through your bank.

Can I drop off my payments?
Yes, you can drop off payments to our office.  We also have a locked drop box by our front door, if you can’t make it by during business hours.

Where do I send my HOA dues payment?
P.O. Box 110687 Anchorage, AK 99511

Who do I make my HOA dues payment out to?
Your Association

Who do I make the check out to for my re-sale certificate?
Real Estate Unlimited

How do I order a resale? 
A resale certificate can be ordered by clicking here  (hyperlink to form)

How do I submit and architectural request?
An architectural request can be submitted via email at

When will the snow be plowed?
Snow is plowed at the end of the snow falling episode.  If it is an ongoing episode, then the plows will attempt to make it driveable and then return to complete the detail work.

How do I get a key to my cluster box for mail?
Keys are available through USPS.

How do I report a perceived violation?
A concern can be submitted via email ( or by clicking here to fill out form.

I disagree with a violation letter I got. What do I do?
You can write a letter to your board of directors and submit it via email at

What is a By-law?

What is a Declaration?

What does a board do?